(Taken from Dr. Faustino Maslan’s Report to the 8th Regular Synod

 May 3-6, 2011 in Sagada, Mt. Province)

BSA National Convention 2016. Photo credit- Rev. James Boliget

Historically, the BSA was started by 12 laymen headed by James Houghteling of St James Parish, Chicago, Illinois, USA on St. Andrew’s day, November 30, 1983. It became a successful outreach program that “knocked on doors and invited people to come and see an Episcopal Worship Service”. This led to its adaption as a lay leader’s ministry of the Episcopal Church in 1886. It spread to other countries wherever there are Episcopal/Anglicans. On May 30, 1908, house bill 16757 was signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt incorporating the BSA.

            It was brought to the Philippines by two clergy and 2 lay brother who started the Episcopal Missionary District in 1889. The fist BSA chapter was organized in Sagada, Mt. Province in 1935. The second chapter was formed in the Church of the Resurrection in Baguio City in 1937. It took 13 years after before the third chapter was formed in St. Paul Balbalasang, Kalinga in 1950. A long period of 33 years hibernation followed before the first revival by Brother Galo Weygan in 1983-85 after he was designated vice-president for the Philippines by the 100th BSA Convention in America. In 1985, there were 24 chapters organized: EDCP-3; EDSP-3; EDNCP-10; and EDNP-8.

            The first BSA National Convention was held in Baguio City last October 1985 with Gerald Balcom, USA National BSA President as guest speaker. This was followed in November 1987 with another American BSA Brother Elmore Hudkins as guest of honor.

            The BSA programs concentrated on organization and training with support from the ECP central office and donations from the members. It took sometime before self-reliance was attained.

            After Bro. Galo Weygan took a leave of absence in 1991, the late Bro. Victor Lardizabal took over until his demise in 2000. Brother Jun Trinidad from EDSP was elected by a committee convened by then Prime Bishop Ignacio Soliba to elect national officers. There were 82 chapters in six (6) dioceses that time.

            It was in October 2004 that a new set of officers was elected by convention. Bro. Braille Reyes was elected and he served for two terms up to 2010. During his term, it was registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission as Brotherhood of St. Andrew Philippine Assembly, Incorporated (BSA PAI). He volunteers his expertise on organization management and leadership training. He also excelled as a coordinator of seminarians with sponsoring and consultancy groups.

            It was during his term that the BSA Constitution and By-Laws was ratified. The BSA Vision was formulated as “a well-equipped brotherhood of St. Andrew, servant of a dynamic and vibrant church of caring, witnessing and mission oriented parishes.” Its mission is “to help bishops and clergy in the development of a Christ-like character among Episcopal men through prayers, bible study and service.”

            On BSA membership, there are now 208 chapters with 6, 352 members these are distributed among the 7 districts.