Pension Fund

Episcopal Church in The Philippines Pension Fund Inc.,

The ECP Pension Fund, Inc, [ECPPFI] is a Plan established by the Episcopal Church in the Philippines to cover and provide for retirement benefits of its employees. It is a pension or annuity plan that provides a monthly income for life to its qualified retirees.

The retirement program of the ECP was first established in 1994 and was then known as the ECP Retirement Plan or ECPRP, a direct contribution plan that paid a lump sum to qualified employees upon retirement. The program was converted into a pension or annuity plan in 2005

Vision Statement

“A VIABLE AND SOUND PENSION SYSTEM PROVIDING ABOVE – AVERAGE PENSION BENEFITS”. –The ECPPFI Board, December 2008, Quezon City, Philippines Superseded Vision 2004.


  • We are the Episcopal Church in the Philippines’ Pension Fund, the body is created by the Church to take care of God’s worker after active service.
  • We commit to provide best sustainable benefits to our members by making sure that are well-managed, are consistently increasing and are secured.
  • We can attain this mission only with the blessing of God and efficient stewardship of the Plan’s and the efficient stewardship of the Plan’s resources.
  • We draw our inspiration from Jesus’ example of love sacrifice and compassion.
  • We are guided by the Holy Scriptures and Constitution and Canon of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines.

The Retirement Board, May 2004, Baguio City, Philippines.